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Hola mis queridos lectores, Silvi Gallo Voigt nos ha dado esta sorpresa, ha traducido el primer capítulo de DESDE ESA NOCHE al inglés, ojalá que muy pronto podamos tenerla en otros idiomas además de en español.


When she decided to embark on that, although she longed to get it, Delanie did not believe she would even get through the first part of the casting. However, she had done so.

She had just received a phone call telling her to go to a face-to-face interview, and felt she couldn’t breathe. Delanie was extremely thrilled and, although it never was a good idea to exaggerate with that, it was almost impossible not to do it. She believed in herself, and most important of all, since she found out they were going to make the film adaptation of that book, Delanie wanted to get the leading role and had prepared to be the principal actress.

Delanie Jones came from an actor circle, so since she was just a baby girl, knew about the Hollywood world. She grew in the middle of filming sets because it wasn´t strange for her to go with her mother or father to those places when there was nobody to stay with her at home. When she was old enough, Delanie continue doing it by her own decision, she loved being there, and dreamed some day she could be in the place of those actors and actresses she saw.

Melania Grayson, recognized actress and Delanie´s mother, was the first one who encouraged her to go the casting. In that moment, Melania was married to a widely known cinematographic producer, who knew the production staff of the film where Delanie wanted to get the leading female role, and, although he offered to contact them and help her get the role she desired, she didn´t accept at all; she categorically refused to any type of intervention in her favor.

Lanie was in a stage of her life where she felt she had to reach her dream by herself; besides, she needed to demonstrate herself and to the world that she could do it because she was capable, and not only because she was the daughter of…

The truth is that, in that moment, she was more relaxed, at least, much more that when she sent the videotape to the casting. Delanie really thought she wouldn´t get it, especially because there were other actors, more famous and experienced than her, who also had sent their videotapes. When she found out this, it was difficult not to be pessimist, thinking it was impossible to compete with them. However, after getting that phone call, she felt optimistic again. She got that opportunity thanks to her agent, Evelin Costa; after finding out there was going to be a film adaptation of that book, Delanie insisted and insisted to her agent to get her a space in the casting.

Now, it was fundamental to concentrate on the second part of the casting. The production of the film had sent her by e-mail some scenes with dialogues to represent. They were easy and, although the language used was a bit racy and sensual, she was convinced she could perfectly control the situation. One of the scenes was very erotic and romantic with a quote of drama, and due to the type of representation she had to do, Delanie thought maybe that day, she could meet the actor that might be her partner in the film.

—Hi, Keyra.

—Hi, I’m in the car on my way to your house.

—Perfect, because I have something to say and can´t wait to tell you. Now, hang up, I don´t want you to get distracted while you drive.

—Delanie, don´t be bitch! You can´t leave me like this. Tell me everything right now.

—When you arrive, I will. I just wanted to make sure you were coming.

—Of course I’m going, I told you I would. When do I break my word?

—Let´s leave it there. Don’t remind me when you stood me up for the asshole of Murphy. Now, hang up the phone and come soon.


Meanwhile, in Toronto, Canada, his mobile phone rang, interrupting the argument with his wife. Each day, the day-to-day in Diago and Wara´s home was more unsustainable and, although he desired everything returned to as it was before, it was evident something had broken down and seemed impossible to restore it back. Diago wished with all his heart they returned to the relation they had before, when they were those fearless lovers full of dreams and shared illusions; however, that seemed more impossible with the pass of time. There was no way to repair what had undermined, and worst of all, neither of them knew what had broken down, or better said, what was the reason for the breakdown.

After answering the phone call, Diago was so happy he couldn´t believe it; like a child with a new toy, he ran to share the news with his wife. Who else could it be?

Full of illusions, he went downstairs. The house wasn´t too big, so it wasn’t difficult to find Wara in the kitchen.

—It´s fantastic! I have gone through the first stage of the casting from To The Other Side. It seems they liked the videotape I sent and they have just called me for a face-to-face interview. Can you believe it? Because I can´t! —he laughed and hugged her, wanting to jump all over the place — They have told me they are going to send me by e-mail some words I must learn to represent them in front of them, I have to go the day after tomorrow to Los Angeles.

The expression in Wara´s face was of stone while he couldn´t stop smiling.

—Have you heard me? I have a second audition for the film.

He grabbed her by the chin and looked into her eyes, wishing to find the same happiness he felt… but he didn´t see anything.

—I don´t want you to continue with this. I can´t see why you need to expose yourself like this, everyone says it´s going to be a film with lots of sexual content.

—What? Are you kidding? It’s not going to be a XXX film, it’s a film adaptation, so there will be some explicit scenes, but everything carefully done. Besides, it’s a wonderful opportunity in my career and will launch my image to all the world. It´s my big entrance in the Hollywood world. A role like this is something I’ve ever wanted to get.

“I can´t believe she doesn´t understand or care about my dreams” he thought.

—Do you want to keep arguing? Is that what you want? It seems the discussion we had upstairs wasn´t enough for you. Look, Wara, I hope I’m clear in this because I won´t repeat it again: I´ve gone through the first stage of the casting and I´m not going to quit just because you don´t like the role I have to represent. When you met me, you perfectly knew what my job was, and if I get the role, which is coveted by widely known and famous actors, everything we wished for, will come true. I´m not going to give up my dreams! —he categorically shouted— if you no longer share them with me, I´m sorry. Besides, what´s the matter with you? At this point, I don´t need to explain how to do this type of scenes, it’s not the first time I have to do them. I don´t understand what is the difference; you never complained before.

—If you get the role… you´ll be far from home and will have to go to shoot… for how long? Now I’ve got a job where I feel comfortable, I won’t quit. Look, Diago, if you continue with this, forget about me.

—OK, maybe you´re right and that is the solution, I don´t bare our life together; perhaps… putting distance in between us would be fine. Lately, we argue all the time, and with this, maybe we start missing each other… I´m aware that this situation, like it is right now, cannot continue. It annoys me that everything I do, bothers you, that you want to manipulate my life and that all my plans have to subordinate to your career. I´m tired to hear you saying that our relation is not the same for my fault, because I feel exactly the opposite. Sometimes, I think because you couldn´t succeed in your profession, you pretend to happen the same with me. I´m furious, Wara, I don´t want to say anything I might regret or might hurt you, but I can´t help it. Before, you always supported me in everything, just as I continuously do with you. I´ve always encouraged you… including that occasion when you had to cover that stupid news in Africa, and we had to cancel the trip we had been planning for an entire year. Since a long time, I feel that the only things that matter are yours, everything that is mine always annoys you or have some problem with it. I don´t know, you don´t agree with anything.

—Are you reproaching me I did that trip because that´s when I lost our baby?

—For God sake, no!

He grabbed her by her shoulders and then released, as if her skin burnt his hands; surprised for what he felt, he grabbed his hair.

—You are always on the defensive, I didn´t say that, I don´t blame you for that. Wara, please, understand that happened because it had to. The same would have occurred if both of us had gone to the trip.

—I refuse to quit my job; I won´t do it, Diago. I´ve asked you hundreds of times to get married, but you don´t give me the place I deserve or the security I need.

—Wara, you know I don´t believe in marriage. I consider a piece of paper doesn´t make any difference, what really matters are our feelings, but… why do I feel that there is nothing left between us? I feel there is no longer a connection between you and me.

There was a huge silence, a silence that affected both and left Diago and Wara completely paralyzed. Diago started to walk backwards without taking his eyes off her, until he found the sofa; he grabbed the sweatshirt that was on it, picked up the keys and his mobile phone from the coffee-table and walked to the door. He needed to get out of there, he had to leave because he was aware they couldn´t continue arguing. It seemed they couldn´t find a way to come to terms.

—Diago… - she shouted, but he didn´t stop.

She ran and grabbed him by his sweatshirt before he could leave.

—If you go through that door, don´t come back, and if you stay, tell me we are going to get married. Otherwise, I will never accept you sign that contract.

He kept still just for a few seconds, the need to escape from there was overwhelming, he couldn´t breathe.

—I´m sorry, Wara, I´m really sorry.


—I told you!!! I knew they were going to choose you!!! You are the best!! – they both jumped, hugged each other and laughed.

—Stop, Keyra, I’ve just made my first step, I still must reach the last one, and most important of all, do it successfully.

—I´m sure you´ll get the role, it´s yours!! I told you that since your agent got you the audition. The character perfectly fits you, and that´s why they will give it to you. When do you have to go?

—The day after tomorrow, but I don´t want to get too excited.

—Do you want me to go with you?

—Yes, please, I would love to —Delanie hugged her friend— Brett isn´t in the city right now and I need one of my friends to be with me —she explained.

—You can count on me, you know you can always do it.

At night, Keyra stayed to sleep at Delanie´s house because her friend was too anxious, but what Delanie really needed was her dear friend, Brett Larson, with her. He always calmed her, and when she couldn´t think clearly, he helped her clarify her thoughts. Besides, he needed him to rehearse the scene she had to represent; otherwise, she didn´t feel sure if she was doing well.

Brett was also an actor, and if there was anybody who Delanie Jones didn´t have secrets with, that was him. With Keyra she didn´t have secrets either, but it was different with Brett, because he understood her more than anyone. Not only that, he gave her his male point of view; Brett was like a two for one, a complete combo in one person.

Two years ago, her crazy friend got married, he and his husband had everything you can dream of a relationship: comradeship, passion, fun, they payed attention to each other…they lived in perfect harmony because they both admired and respected each other. Their relation was based on honesty and, moreover, every time you looked at them, you could see the love they felt for each other.

Delanie felt little envy of them, and she wasn´t ashamed to say it. Every time she saw Brett and Bruce, she told them how jealous she was for the relation they had. Sometimes, when she was with them, she desired to find someone who completed her, just as they completed each other´s lives. The truth was that she was tired of senseless relationships that never ended well. However, she had to recognize that, for the moment, she was OK by herself; her heart was protected and she wanted to continue like that. She was tired of bad experiences and being with inappropriate men, because those type of relationships never fulfilled her. She discovered she was much better with her vibrator because after the orgasm, she always had the control over her feelings.


—Brett, I need you here with me —said Laine to her friend by videoconference in FaceTime.

—Honey, I´ll be back the night after tomorrow, I´m sorry. Why don´t you represent the scene with Keyra and I watch you by the webcam? And I´ll indicate what I think you should correct.

—Are you crazy? She has to touch all over with whom will be her partner, and at the end, they have to kiss.

—It´s acting, Keyra, what you do is not real.

—You are a perverted, you want to see us touch each other, I know you, Brett Larson.

The three of them laughed.

—Have you said perversion? What do we have to see?

—Hi, Bru —they both greeted to handsome Bruce Hamilton, who appeared next to Brett in front of the camera.

—Lanie has a second audition for the film To The Other Side, she has gone through the first stage and they have called her again. Now, she must rehearse two scenes: one of love and a very hot monologue —explained Brett to his husband.

—Honey, you don´t have to rehearse anything; trust in your talent, you´ll do it great. Just go prepared to show all your sensuality, although… that won´t be necessary, you´re a sexy bomb. Besides, you have your parent´s genes, both are really erotic people, and they have been on stage, so that lode is improved in you, honey.

—Thank you for your trust, Bru. Ok, I think you´ll right. I´ll learn the words from the script and I´ll act the scenes as I know. I´ll be passionate —they all laughed again— I just hope the person I must kiss is not a frog.

—I don´t think so, but if he is, think that maybe with your kiss, he transforms into a prince.

—That only happens in fairy tales, Brett.

—You deserve a fairy tale —said Keyra, and she hugged her really hard, leaving Lanie without breath —You are such a good friend!!

—Stop saying that or I´ll think it´s true.

—Uf, now she pretends to be modest. Like you didn´t know… —said Brett.

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